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Food Service

Major assets like fryers, ovens, stoves, refrigeration, freezers, and HVAC are critical to revenue in the food service industry. Without assets performing correctly, you risk unplanned downtime, turning diners away, and losing business. With our Fixed Asset Management Program and Strategy, you will no longer have disconnected data. Instead, your asset information is housed in one central, online location and integrated with your CMMS. Also, the single portal for staff and service providers ensures everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goals.

With Data Fleet, you can optimize for the future, gaining a full picture of asset performance and spending trends across all your locations. As a result, you will make better strategic decisions about budget planning and spending to help your business grow. Guesstimating will become a thing of the past. With these additional benefits, you help ensure diners have a great experience:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Optimize spend and capital investment
  • Streamline repair and maintenance work

Stop Losing Dollars to Downtime

Keep customers happy and assets running with alerts for preventative maintenance. You will have the data to know when to replace or repair based on asset history. With Data Fleet, you will gain visibility to spot emerging issues before they lead to larger problems and costly downtime. Our services help you plan your operating and capital spending to the dollar.

See All Asset Details in One Place

Data Fleet’s Fixed Asset Management Program and Strategy makes it easy to get a handle on your thousands of assets. It captures required information when installing, servicing, and replacing capital assets. Also, it manages preventative maintenance plans, orders, and more. Integrating with your CMMS platform, it’s a centralized view of all your assets with their condition and servicing history to help boost visibility and operating efficiency.


Capital assets such as refrigerators, heating and cooling systems, and ovens are vital for inventory. Just as essential is having organized asset data to understand every inch of your property fully. With Data Fleet’s services, we inventory, tag, and catalog the condition of each asset to help you plan for future repairs and maintenance, helping you maximize their use. Also, with your asset data across all locations integrated into your CMMS, you become more agile in decision making. You can better scale operations, knowing you have the right assets to support growth and product planning.

With Data Fleet’s services, you can provide your customers with a clean and healthy environment while remaining compliant and saving money on energy costs. We help you track hundreds – or even thousands – of major assets. With a centralized view of all your critical assets in every location, you can see repair and maintenance histories, set preventative maintenance, save on spend, and more. The following additional benefits give you one less thing to worry about:

  • Extend capital asset lifespan
  • Avoid downtime
  • Streamline compliance across all locations
Download our guide and learn how implementing our Asset Information Management System & Services with a CMMS platform can help you better manage your grocery business'

Reduce Compliance Risk & Penalties

Many companies must capture and report data to prove compliance. Our Fixed Asset Management Program and Strategy help businesses reduce record-keeping risks by centralizing all your asset records and data. You will know when equipment calibration, testing, and maintenance requirements must be performed. Also, Data Fleet pairs its services with CMMS integration so you and your facilities management team can quickly generate required reports for validation and proof.

Use Analytics for Capital Planning

With Data Fleet’s services, you will receive insights on asset performance and condition assessments to pinpoint problems early. Also, with our accurate data capture, you will have complete, “rich data” to help justify the right time to replace a revenue-generating asset. As a result, you can make better budgeting decisions that reduce unplanned capital expenditures.

Convenience Store

From fueling systems to parking lot safety, to food prep, convenience store owners must manage assets, providers, and spend. Whether one location or multiple locations, getting insights into major asset performance is critical. With this information, you can identify hot spots, resolve them fast, and see historical data to make capital adjustments based on a current asset registry.

With Data Fleet’s services, you will find it easier to make quicker and better decisions. With your assets organized and evergreen, you can eliminate guesswork, access critical data about your physical assets, and make decisions that improve efficiency and save money. Also, you will find it easy to add, change, and update new or retired assets. Plus, you can automate preventative maintenance to extend asset life and make replacement or repair decisions. The following added benefits give you a one-stop solution with Data Fleet:

  • Receive insights on spend and asset performance
  • Get more mileage out of your assets
  • Keep critical assets from failing

Spend Less & Get More Accountability

With our services, you can manage all asset details, track warranties, and receive data to know when to repair or replace based on asset history. When repairs are needed, service providers have access to the platform where they can view asset details and log their work. They will spend less time onsite and make repairs more quickly. This means you save more money and can measure provider performance.

Keep Your Team Productive Anywhere

With all your asset information stored online, everybody can work from anywhere. Now you can make every minute of the day productive and ensure that issues are reported and resolved quickly. On-the-road or onsite, it’s easy to keep your facilities management team focused and connected with Data Fleet’s services.

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you manage a small office building, a corporate campus or an office park, you know the importance of keeping those facilities assets running and updated. With Data Fleet, you stop worrying about fixed asset management and performance with real-time repair and replace recommendations, warranty details, reporting, and more. With these insights, you can cut costs, improve productivity, and have the support to grow your organization – now and in the future.

Data Fleet gives you a complete picture of your assets and facilities alongside insights across all your locations. As a result, you will make better forecasting decisions to keep spend in line and improve capital planning. With the detailed visibility you receive from our services, you will:

  • Reduce spend and increase efficiency
  • Make data-informed decisions
  • Boost tenant satisfaction

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

With Data Fleet’s services, your facilities team can see everything from a birds-eye view to the tiniest detail, so nothing slips through the cracks. Also, service providers have access to the CMMS to see asset history, details, and issues. As a result, they can perform repairs quicker and more efficiently.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Because Data Fleet’s Program is online, your facilities management team, location staff, and service providers can be productive wherever they are located. Also, via the CMMS, work orders are tracked within the system, and vendor invoices are tied to work orders so that you can track spending. After work orders are closed out, and repairs are finished, the data is available for analysis. With Data Fleet, you can decrease repair time and cost and keep your assets working.


The future of retail relies heavily on a company’s ability to deliver consistent, positive customer experiences. And part of that goal is reliant on having all your capital assets in proper working condition. With Data Fleet services, we provide the tools you need to gain insights and awareness about the status of your operations. You can streamline asset audits and see results across all your locations. Then you can quickly make improvements or repairs before problems affect your customers.

Through our Asset Management Program and Strategy, we ensure a consistent and accurate digital data collection process across all your locations and assets. The resulting database is integrated into your CMMS, giving you and your facilities management team current information for instant reports, capital planning, and more. In addition to the following benefits, you will make smarter operational decisions based on current insights:

  • Get the best return on spend
  • Concentrate on customers, not asset issues
  • Build brand loyalty and keep customers shopping

Identify the Hot Spots

With Data Fleet’s services, you will have detailed reports on spending and other key metrics. As a result, you will have greater clarity on issues with specific locations, property conditions, compliance matters, and more. Accordingly, you can prioritize work quicker and address small issues before they balloon into bigger problems.

Keep Staff Selling

Let your sales staff focus on what they do best: satisfying customer needs instead of focusing on issues about broken or underperforming capital assets. With Data Fleet’s services, your team can easily report necessary repairs and for facilities management to track them. Plus, with an ever-current evergreen asset registry, you can better predict – and act on – future repair and maintenance opportunities before they become a distraction for your staff.
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